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Let’s have a big dream of this “Country of Everything” May 23, 2011

Posted by Qirana in cerita, sosial.
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Since 10 to 15 years ago, Indonesia still dealing with the same transportation problem: congestion. In my opinion, this country is a country of everything or in sarcastic language style we can call it a country of irony. The theory will always be written or (at least) spoken, but never be done. What we do is not what we say, vice versa.

When I asked an angkot driver for his opinion, “Why do congestion always happened everyday in our city?” He knew that it was all because too many vehicles operated everyday in the city. Even a high school student must have the same opinion as he was. So how can the government do not see the problem?

In my last course of Transportation Policy, it has been said that this lack of proper transportation facilities in (all around) the country had happened because of the absence of sustainable policy making process. While at the same time, the reasons were always the lack of money. But somehow, in lots of press media, we hear and we see that this country is not that poor. This Transportation Policy course resumed that engineers -as a designer also a planner- will never be succeed even if their design and plan is magnificent because policy decide all what is to be or not to be.

Maybe this ironical country is just having lack of optimism as I have said in my last post. We have no courage to develop our own ability, to stand in our own feet, even to decide by our own needs. You see, even for a very fundamental needs like salt, we still import it from other country. Even to support  a very simple industry, we have no courage.

While other country like China is developing their mass transportation system in electrical buses, we still confuse on deciding “does bus rapid transit implementable in Bandung?”. While Israel and USA are now promoting their flying cars, we still feel happy that our country buy more than 700,000 units of car per year which of course labeled by foreign brands. So let’s jump up our aim. Do not stop by the nearest goals. Let’s have a big dream of this country of everything.